The Art of Breathing

Lately I’ve done a few presentations on the topic of stress management. The audience is never the same at these meetings. It varies in size as well as socioeconomic background. These differences make presentations much more satisfying. Why? Wellness is universal. Especially when discussing a topic such as breathing, it […]

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Skeptical about Therapy

So you’re skeptical about therapy. Or you’ve tried counseling before. Maybe things didn’t go as you intended. Maybe it wasn’t the right fit. So you take a break. Which is great. We all need time to reassess. There’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t let the break be permanent. Try […]

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    As a therapist, we offer an approach that is positive, practical, and free of judgment. Counseling involves setting goals, learning skills, gaining insight into your thoughts and beliefs, and working through problems. With the right help, you can move on with your life and achieve meaningful change. Welcome […]

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